Honorary Members -- Radha

I am Princess Radha.  When I was on the earth as a Siamese cat, I was called just Radha. My mom called me Radha chan or Radhako chan because my mom is Japanese and "chan" is usually attached when a girl is called.  My dad named me after Princess Radha of Hindu goddess. My dad is not an Indian and he was born in Michigan so I don't know why he decided this name. However, I know I am a princess even as I was just Radha. I finished my first life in 2004 Summer.
In May 2006, my dad and mom got this farm. When they were discussing about the farm name, they must have heard my voice. Yes, I am the Goddess of the harvest and fertility. Princess Radha Farm is the perfect name.   I am working hard as a princess to make sure to harvest the best Kona coffee.