Lucy is a new family member. Page suddenly brought her to our home from human society in 2014 January. She is a good girl but she and Sachi is not get along . They fight and will kill each other. Lucy broke Sachi's leg.

We have to separate them when we are not present.

She was an abandoned 8 or 9 years old dog and will be killed if Page did not rescue. She is very happy in the farm. We decided to take care of her.

Genki came with us from California. We have to prepare a lot of documents to bring him to Hawaii. He was just 2 years old at that time. Now Genki loves the farm at night. He brings in prey (small mouse and etc) sometimes to the bed room. That's the only problem for Yoko in her farm life.

Sachi came human society in 2006 October. She was supposedly a Lab mix but she turns out to be Whippet. She runs as fast as cheetah. You may be surprised when you see her running. She is the boss of all others. She finally understands Genki is not her pray mate.


Riki is the son of Thunder. He was born in 2008. He is a big boy, 120 lb. ( He tries to avoid being weighed because he doesn't want to hear he needs to diet) He eats everything. He is bigger than Sachi but Sachi is the boss. When she takes his bed, he just waits until Sachi moves out. He is stronger than Sachi, but Sachi never lets him win. ( She strongly bites his neck to make him cry.) When you come the farm and eat something, you can not ignore his eyes that just look at your food.

Samurai came in May 2012 after one year of Thunder's death. He was 8 weeks puppy at that time and now 86 pound big boy! Whole his puppyhood, my all T shirts were broken by him. When I put nice clothes on, I had to hold a water splay to protect. Now 2013 June, he finally understands that he should not use his mouth on my clothes. However, he is too excited or I am not putting on nice clothes, he thinks I am OK to jump. On the bed side table, a water splay is ready to protect from him. (He likes to wake me up by jumping.)