Coffee Processing

After the picked cherries are placed in the big tank, the floating cherries are taken out. Even those cherries look good, they are missing something. Coffee cherry is pulped to remove the outer skin and flesh.

Those skins are used as natural fertilizer on the coffee trees or dried for making tea.
The parchment coffee beans are left overnight in the wood tank to ferment. Then after they are washed with fresh water several times, spread out on the drying deck.






Raked regularly to give even drying. The coffee is then naturally sun-dried on large decks (hoshidanas) for several days. Carefully checking the moisture of beans and storing them at a controlled temperature and moisture content. (12% moisture)

The dry beans are machine milled to remove the parchment and silver skin, and the resulting green beans are sorted and graded. Then the green beans are ready to be roasted.