Kona Coffee Bean Size

Our coffee are sorted by size following Hawaii Administrative Rule for Standard Kona Coffee.

Biggest Bean: Extra Fancy (imperfections are under 8 beans in 300 grams)

Big Bean: Fancy (imperfections are under 12 in 300 grams)

Regular size: Kona #1(imperfections are under 18 in 300 grams)

We only sale these three sizes and Peaberry (only one bean in one cherry)

Off grade coffee cannot be called "Kona Coffee". However,if the coffee are not sorted by the size, it still may be called "100% Kona Coffee, the unsorted is called "estate." Unfortunately Hawaii don't have such a strict regulation for Kona Coffee Labeling.

In2010 we had less rain for long time so the beans could not grow bigger. The Extra Fancy (the biggest bean) was only 5% instead of 10 to 15%. The Fancy was 35% and 50% of Kona #1.

If the beans are not sorted, the result of roast is different. The different size of coffee beans have different length of roast. Don't be fooled. When you compare the price of 100% Kona coffee, please check the size of Kona coffee. However, the taste is different by soil too.

Try our Extra Fancy, if you like to taste the best of the best 100% Kona Coffee.