Enjoy our Award Winning 100% Kona Coffee

Our Kona Coffee is selected by the size: All roast is a medium dark roast. It presents our coffee's best aroma and taste. If you like another roast or ground coffee, please write in the box and send the E-mail to make sure. (If you don't receive our E-mail in 2 days, please send us the E-mail to ask your order.) When you order more than 6 lb of Kona #1, you could get discount (order)

We send your coffee by USPS Flat rate Envelope or Box.


Envelope can hold 2 of 1 LB bag or 4of 0.5 LB bag: $7.00USA;Canada $24.00 other $31.00

Medium Flat Rate Box: 6 of I LB or 12 of 0.5 LB bag:$14.00 USA; Canada $46.00;other $68.00

Large Flat Rate Box: 9 of 1 LB or 18 of 0.5 LB bag:$19.00 USA : Canada $60.00;other $89.00

To other countries:When you check out the order, you could choose the country and calculate.

Extra Fancy 1lb. (16oz) Biggest Bean Size


Ground or Special request?
Extra Fancy 0.5lb (8oz)   $20.00
Ground or Special request?
Kona #1 1lb. (16oz) Regular Bean Size $33.00
Ground or special request?
Kona #1 0.5lb (8oz) Regular Bean Size $17.00
Ground or special request?
Peaberry 0.5lb (8oz) Special size of Bean $28.00

Discount over 6 lb..

If you order more than 6 lb. of Kona #1, we offer special price!

It might be a good idea to serve special coffee to special people, such as your special clients or executives. The tasty coffee makes it smooth to negotiate or create a great idea in your discussion! ( Over 6lb Special Order Page )

Gift to Someone Special

If you would like to order for someone, please contact us. We do arrange the special gift for you.

More information (E-mail to Page)

If you would like to have our Extra Fancy monthly, please become our coffee tree sponsor

or send an E-mail:the amount and frequency