Enjoy our Award Winning 100% Kona Coffee

Our Kona Coffee is selected by the size: All roast is a medium dark roast. It presents our coffee's best aroma and taste. When you order Extra Fancy and you like medium roast, please write in the box. We can roast only Extra Fany differently. Also if you like grind your coffee, please make sure it in the box. If you don't receive our E-mail in 2 days, please send us the E-mail to ask your order.

We send your coffee by USPS Flat rate Envelope or Box.


Envelope can hold 2 of 1 LB bag or 4of 0.5 LB bag: $8.00USA;

Medium Flat Rate Box: 6 of I LB or 12 of 0.5 LB bag:$15.00 USA;

Large Flat Rate Box: 9 of 1 LB or 18 of 0.5 LB bag:$20.00 USA :

To other countries:When you check out the order, you could choose the country and calculate.

Extra Fancy 1lb. (16oz) Biggest Bean Size


Ground or Special roast request?
Extra Fancy 0.5lb (8oz)   $20.00
Ground or Special roast request?
Kona #1 1lb. (16oz) Regular Bean Size $35.00
Ground or special request?
Kona #1 0.5lb (8oz) Regular Bean Size $18.00
Ground or special request?
Peaberry 0.5lb (8oz) Special size of Bean Please ask availability  

Gift to Someone Special

When you like to send your message with the coffee, please send us an E-mail. We can arrange the special card for you.