Princess Radha Farm 2006 to now

The Farm was one of original Kona coffee farm. One of Japanese immigrant family developed it. Since them, several families were moved in and out.

In 2006 May, Page and Yoko with Genki moved in the farm from California. The first thing we did was painting the rooms of the house. And then Page started cutting trees on the ground. There were many macadamia nuts trees were down because of a storm. The first time I walked through the farm, I thought this was just jungle!

In 2007 November, the strong thunder storm attacked us. At that time Page found a dog was shaking under the sink of out side. We thought it was neighbor's dog, Koko. He was never friendly but when I tried dry the dog with towel, he was showed the stomach. After the storm was over, Page took him home. The Page came back with the dog and told me he was not Koko. Who is he? We named him Thunder because he came our home with thunder some.

Thunder was always afraid of the big noise such as thunder or fire work. However, he as very loyal and sweet dog. He was 86 lb... We love him so much but he past away in 2011 April.

Thunder left Riki for us. Now he is a 120 lb.. big boy.

In 2010, We had a difficult year. Every day we prayed the rain. To make grow coffee beans, the trees were taking the anergy from leaves. The tree were loosing a leaf and other leaf. It is so painful to watch the tree were loosing leaves. We could not do for them without pray.

Now all trees are recovering. In 2011 we have a lot of rain.

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Don't be fooled the name by the name Kona on a blended coffee. It doesn't tell you where the other coffees come from and these coffee beans are fumigated.

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