Sponsor of a Coffee Tree

We are not having enough Extra Fancy coffee in 2014, however we will reserve it for you and send you freshly roasted Extra Fancy Kona Coffee every month or your request. You could have 24lb Extra Fancy Coffee without shipping fee. We will send you 2lb once a month. You could have freshly roasted our best Kona coffee every month. If you would like to have more than 2 lb. for a month, we could do it too.

Also You could have own coffee tree in this farm. If you come to our farm, you can plant a tree (from May to June). Don't worry if you don't have the time to plant a coffee tree, we will do for you. We put your name on a tree.

Whenever you visit our farm, you can plant your own coffee tree, or you can pick a old coffee tree. We never take your name plate out! You could meet your own tree every time when you visit our farm!

Sponsor a Tree $840(24LB Extra Fancy)